Top ten reasons why Trump won’t re-elected.


If there is one thing to say about Donald Trump’s supporters, they have a lot of time on their hands. There always seems to be a line out the door to hear the Oompa-Loompa ramble on about how some minority is ruining the country or how his political opponents are losers. Even worse, his supporters wasted their time listening to someone who, himself, is going to be a loser in a matter of a few weeks. While Donald Trump might not carry Florida in this election, he might be going to Florida for good in 2021. There are several good reasons why his orange face will not get re-elected in 2020.

1. Trump’s Numbers Stink

Everyone has already made up their minds about Donald Trump and his numbers are in the toilet. He is losing to Joe Biden in key swing states. The majority disapprove of the job he’s done so far. Furthermore, he botched the pandemic, which sank the stock market.

2. Trump Isn’t Getting Credit for the Economy, Which Also Stinks

Speaking of the stock market, it seems like this is all Donald Trump cared about. The stock market tumbled in record fashion due to the pandemic and unemployment shot through the roof. What’s that? The economy is great? Tell that to the tens of millions of people looking for jobs.

3. He Is Killing His Supporters

There are two types of people who vote for Donald Trump: rich people and rednecks. The rich people are old and they’re getting killed disproportionately by the pandemic. His supporters tend to show up at his rallies without wearing masks, so they’re sure to get the virus as well. Given the age of his supporters and their overall health, the prognosis is not positive.

4. He Keeps Screwing Up

Anyone hear what Donald Trump had to say about the military recently? About how dead soldiers aren’t heroes? Yeah, he keeps screwing up. If he could just shut his mouth then maybe he might actually have a shot. Sadly, he seems physical incapable of ever taking the high road and always has to provide a retort to everything, no matter how minor it might be.

5. He’s Wrecking Your Retirement Portfolio

If you think his economic screw-ups don’t impact you because you still have a job, take a look at how your retirement portfolio has done recently. His trade screwups only make your portfolio more volatile. If you are planning to retire soon, you might be out of luck.

6. Hillary Clinton Isn’t Running

Yeah, tell me more about how unpopular Hillary is and how you’ll never vote for her. Oh, by the way, Hunter Biden isn’t running either. Good luck digging up scandals on boring old Joe Biden. Donald Trump already admitted to sexual assault on tape last election cycle. And he paid off a porn star. Good luck finding something to compare to that!

 7. He Doesn’t Trust the Climate Scientists

Most of the west coast, including CA, is actively burning, as record fires continue to wreak havoc. Yet, Trump still insists that it’s “going to get cooler” and this will help put out the fires. At the same time, he continues to ignore climate scientists and continues to hurt the planet with his policies.

8. He Divides the American People

The job of the President is to unite the public behind a movement in the right direction. Instead, Trump continues to divide the American public. Whether this is on Twitter, on Facebook, or behind a microphone, he always seems to have an “us vs. them” mentality. Prior Presidents, including Republicans, have at least tried to unite the country to move it in a positive direction. President Trump has not done that.

9. His Own Family Doesn’t Even Like Him

Even Trump’s own family doesn’t even like him! Have you seen the book that his cousin just released? Even his own family is publishing content about how deranged and messed up some of his views are. He is so obsessed with winning that he never cares how it happens, as long as he always comes out on top. With Trump, the ends always justify the means, no matter how bad the collateral damage or fallout might be.

10. He Doesn’t Like Being President

Finally, it is clear that Donald Trump doesn’t really like being President. He simply hates losing even more than he hates being President. Therefore, he is going to fight tooth and nail to win; however, if he ends up losing, it might come as a welcome respite for him. Of course, this would come as a nice respite for the rest of the country as well, which has actively suffered under his four years of “leadership,” if you can even call it that.



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