Queen’s University…Haunted or Not?


One of the oldest universities in the Charlotte area is Queen’s University. This university is more than 150 years old. The roots of this institution stretch back to an era when ghost stories were incredibly popular. Now, these are days are mostly found in Hollywood sounds, such as The Conjuring or Insidious, but at the same time, there are some people who truly believe that Queen’s University is haunted. What is the evidence? There are several stories that need to be told. 

The Story of Friar’s Bush Graveyard

This is one of the first locations where people point out that Queen’s University is haunted. This graveyard is found in the Stranmillis area and sits behind a plain, nondescript white wall. This graveyard was originally built for victims of cholera, a disease that is largely eradicated today.

During this time, many victims were buried en masse without any ceremonies or marked graves. There is a large rumor that a bulge in the grass is located where dozens of bodies were piled up beneath the Earth on ceremoniously. 

There are many people who have visited the graveyard who have pointed out that they feel the sensation of hands that seem to be pulling out their shoes and pants. Furthermore, many people who traverse this area also stay that the ground squirms underneath their feet. 

Exploring the Legend of the Archway

A Queen’s University, there’s also a legend that surrounds the archway that leads from the Peter Froggatt Centre to the physics area. According to the stories that are told, there were three students that were once traveling through this archway one night after spending a late evening studying. Because the area was dark, it was impossible to see where they were going. As the story goes, one of the students suggested that everyone hold each other’s hands as they go through the archway in order to stay together. Even though they broke their grip on the other side, they say that the feeling of holding hands never seemed to go away. Today, there are some students who say that they feel like someone is holding their hand as they walk through this archway as well. 

Peter Froggatt Centre, Room 006A

Finally, there is another story that is commonly reported by students who use this room in the Peter Froggatt Centre today. Many students who work in the room have reported that technology that is brought into this room starts to malfunction immediately. On the other hand, it works fine once it is taken outside. In addition, many students say that the rooms this door opens on its own, even when it is audibly clicked shut. 

Finally, there are lots of students who also say that the projector turns on by itself and behaves in an unusual manner. The screen that is projected on the board will seem to change channels all on its own or slide from side to side. 

Therefore, is Queen’s University haunted? That is up to everyone who ventures throughout this campus on a daily basis. Everyone seems to have a story to share. Maybe the answer is to head down to Queen’s University and see for yourself.