Pink Lady…


Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC, was one of the most luxurious hotels in the area when it was built and remains so today. However, some of today’s guests visit not because they’ve found themselves in the area, looking for a place to rest, but because they’re curious about the tales they’ve heard of Grove Park Inn’s Pink Lady – a ghost who has been rumored to walk the halls and play mischievous but harmless tricks on the building’s inhabitants since the 1920s. 

Although the hotel has remained opened since it was originally built in 1913, it has changed hands and is currently called Omni Grove Park Inn. While remodels have been completed to the keep the hotel modern, one thing hasn’t changed: the Pink Lady sightings continue.

According to rumor, hotel guests and staff witnessed the horrific death of a beautiful young lady in the 20s; she was still in a pink ballgown when her body hit the floor beneath the balconies. Despite many witnessing as her body was removed from the scene of the accident, virtually nobody witnessed what occurred above. From which balcony had she fallen? Had she jumped or was she pushed? Had she simply lost her footing? And whose guest was she?

To this day, the answers to those questions remain unknown. She was not a registered guest of the hotel at the time of her death and no registered guest claimed to recognize her or know her. Conflicting rumors have circulated over the course of the last hundred years. She attends to appear – as a ghost of course – in room 545 more often than in other areas of the hotel, leaving many to believe she was staying in room 545. Some believe she was at the hotel to meet a lover who broke it off, leading her to jump to him to push her to her death. Others believe she was a debutante, there for unknown reasons, who simply slipped and fell to her untimely death.

At any cost, all of the sightings experienced by staff and guests – primarily children – leave us believing that there’s no reason to fear the Pink Lady. She may nurse your children to health if they fall sick during their stay, place her hand on the small of your back to lead you to your destination, or play harmless tricks on you like unraveling an entire roll of toilet paper or turning the lamp on and off to let you know she’s there. 

If you’re planning a visit to the Grove Park Inn in hopes that you’ll see the Pink Lady,  we fully expect any interaction that occurs will be lighthearted and friendly.