Mythical Mermaids are just that…


A considerable percentage of the earth is covered by water, and one tends to wonder that, very many years ago, mermaids and sea serpents were believed to be hidden by the oceans. Regarding movies, storybooks, and other relevant resources, mermaids are believed to be underwater living things that are half-human and half fish. This, in turn, captured human beings’ interest for a very long time.

Mythically, for thousands of years, there has been the existence of mermaid-like creatures or rather the mermaids themselves. For instance, around 1000 B.C., mermaid myths are said to have emerged during that period. History passed among the sea-faring people’s community of interaction with mermaids, and eye witness catching sight of the mermaids has aided them to support the belief that mermaid exists.

On the other hand, physical affirmation for mermaids is not there due to the psychological clarification of the mermaids’ optimism system. This is to say that no human being has managed to prove their existence; so far, many human beings who have used most of their time at sea say that they have seen and had some interactions with the mermaids. 

Consequently, the order of creation from the Christian’s holy book shows that the sea creatures were created on the fifth day and then followed by the creation of man on the sixth day, and later a woman was made out of man’s rib. It is clear that there is no linkage between the creation of sea creatures and human beings because they were all created on different days, meaning mermaids do not exist.

Again, there is a reproductive challenge that mermaids portray according to their physical structure, which, when you relate with the human being structure, brings about some question marks. For example, there is a reproductive clash between mermaids and human beings. A mermaid’s half body is in the tail-like form, unlike a human being who has a standard structure, which brings in doubt of mermaids’ existence regarding reproduction. Furthermore, there is no record of mermaids’ pregnancy in the human beings’ era.

Even though there are possibilities that mermaids do exist on the earth but tend to possess a defensive and adaptive mechanism like all living creatures, it is possible that mermaids usually emerge from the oceans at night from the time human beings vacate the ocean shores due to high tides. Considering that fish are more active at night due to the conducive environment where the water temperature is cool, as (Chadcastle 2017) states, it could be the same case with mermaids, which possess aquatic creatures’ traits. With that in mind, it is right to say that mermaids exist but emerge in the ocean at night since it is more secure, free from human beings’ predation, and fit for a survival environment.

In conclusion, I believe that mermaids do not exist, and the issue of existence only comes about due to fiction in movies, storybooks, and also the myths from the human beings who lived in the 1000 B.C era.