Is marriage outdated?


Marriage is a social and legal contract between two people that legally, economically, and emotionally binds them together. Being married also gives sexual relations within the marriage legitimacy.

Marriage is a religiously motivated institution, and as religion is viewed less favorably around the world due to the problems it causes, so will the entire concept of marriage, which will slowly die as the years pass….and good riddance!!

The ceremony and party are usually a lot of fun. Those closest to the spouses gather to drink, eat, dance, and share a unique experience that will be remembered for a long time.
A wedding is an excellent opportunity to meet the spouses’ families, as well as for them to meet each other and form friendships.
Matrimony can give a romantic decision a new lease on life. Partners devote a great deal of time and effort to planning the ceremony and pleasing each other. After the wedding, the newlyweds believe they have been the protagonists of a beautiful story. And it’s only the beginning of the story.
Marriage is an institution that provides significant tax benefits. Marriage is frequently a sound financial decision.

Many gifts are given to newlyweds, and many people consider their honeymoon to be the most beautiful trip of their lives.
Making a relationship public and official with a wedding has a significant psychological impact and typically increases commitment to the relationship.
It can be difficult for children to explain to others that their parents are not married.

Many people consider it advantageous to fit into a society’s social and religious traditions. A married couple may be granted preferential treatment over a cohabiting couple.

On the other hand wedding planning is both costly and time-consuming.
Weddings can be tedious at times, as well as expensive and inconvenient for guests. Many of them aren’t particularly excited about attending the ceremony, but they don’t have a choice.
The stress that is generated during the planning and execution of a wedding can be detrimental to a relationship.

Why take the risk of going through such a process if a relationship is already great?

Commitment phobia is a real disadvantage of marriage for many people. Some people experience difficulties as a result of having to limit their social choices and having more formal obligations to another person.

Marriage is still a mysogynistic and gender biased tradition in many parts of the world. Women are “given away,” and not always willingly. In some countries, marriage entails the imposition of difficult obligations on women. Marriage may have a significant impact on their previous social lives.
The divorce rate is extremely high. Why put all that effort into planning a wedding and making a relationship public if it will end in divorce in half of the cases?
In many Western countries, marriage is no longer necessary because civil unions and other legal procedures can provide partners with similar rights and financial benefits. Marriage is outdated and a social imposition for some people.

Inconclusion Marriage is timeless. It is a sacred institution in which people should unite their minds, bodies, and souls for a lifetime under God’s blessing. It is no less significant simply because many people today tend to downplay and defile it.


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