Is it true that technology can cause a gap between generations?


It is actually true that technology causes gaps between generations since one of the biggest divisions between the generations today is as a result of technology. However, the creation of a generational gap by technology is impacted by how older people learn and use new technology.

In most cases, gaps are influenced by our attitudes towards technology for instance in previous generations people used to share the same influences through watching television together thus making everyone influenced by the same issues. In today’s society, most younger individuals go straight to online platforms such as YouTube in order to access fast-moving information thus shaping their inaccurate view of the world. Technology has not only created different values but also different attitudes from one generation to another especially between young people and their parents. According to research in terms of tech behavior, most older generations tend to use their phones mostly for making class whereas the younger generations use their phones as a digital window to the world thus creating a generational gap.



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