Eddie Van Halen…the best there ever was at rock-n-roll guitar.


Eddie Van Halen was passed away. On the day of his death, there were moon-landing chords from his iconic “Jump” song billowing from cars and homes everywhere. The Earth quaked beneath the shocks of “Unchained.” The perpetual fluency of “Eruption”

billowed across the planet. This is what happens with the greats. When their life ends, the artistic genius of their creations spreads across the Earth in a shockwave. Even though Eddie Van Halen the guitarist has passed away, his sound, complete with his iconic whammy bar, continues to spread its sound everywhere. He is the best there ever was. No matter what type of music people enjoy, everyone can recognize his guitar instantly. He was a continually restless innovator who constantly pushed the boundaries of what was possible, turning the impossible into reality. Regardless of what is written here, his eulogy has already been written by the millions who attended his concerts, the countless YouTubers who tried constantly to deconstruct his solos, and the devoted fans who continue to play his songs across the ages.His style is easy to notice. It had numerous sensational aspects, including his pick slides and finger-tapping. Alas, they even became the template for 80s guitarists. Even though many people think about the space-sounding, robotic, techno sounds that defined the 80s, this simply makes Eddie Van Halen all the more impressive. Even in an era that was being defined by technology, his “frictionless whiffery,” as the famous critic Joe Carducci dubbed it, cut through all of that and continued to define Rock and Roll as a genre. In its purest form, no matter how hard people try, it is beyond both parody and emulation. With Eddie Van Halen, his notes, phrases, and solos came from an electric abyss like a rainbow seeking a pot of gold, or something more, at the end. Sure, Eddie Van Halen still appreciated Clapton, Page, and the other greats; however, he was his own guitarist, his own style, and his own man. He was a disciplined apprentice, but in the eyes of many, he even surpassed Hendrix. His idiosyncratic musings echoed playfully into a void despite being heard by millions.On top of all of this, he worked beautifully with his cohorts. He had the jazzy propellant of the drums from his brother Alex. He had. The cackling hallucinations of David lee Roth’s personality. He also had the reliable, stolid Michael Anthony to play the bass. No matter what the style might be, Eddie Van Halen was able to strike it right on the head. As if he was a machine, he was able to hit the note, effortlessly, every time. Throughout the years, Eddie Van Halen was at the heart of it all. He was meant for this and he delivered.Now, he is gone; however, does true genius such as Eddie Van Halen ever die? No, he does not. His songs continue to be blasted out of speakers everywhere. His style continues to awe countless fans. He will serve as an inspiration to others to continue to push the boundaries of music, turning the impossible into reality. Beloved by girls, boys, men, and women everywhere, Eddie Van Halen was always taking it beyond. He was excess without vulgarity. He brought the far closer. Therefore, nobody in the music world should ever forget the impact of true genius. Thank you, Eddie Van Halen, for what you have given to us. You will be missed, but welcome to your new home with other rock gods. RIP EVH.



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