Do You Have the Courage to Visit Lydia’s Bridge?


A dark night, a dangerous bend in the road, and a driver who loses control — all elements of the spooky local legend that haunts Lydia’s Bridge in Jamestown, NC. Here, if you’re driving by at night, you just may see a woman in a white dress, desperately flagging down motorists for a ride home. But what will happen to you if you stop? 

Echoes of the Woman in White

It all sounds very Sam-and-Deanish, and in fact, the pilot episode of the television show, Supernatural, dealt with just such a woman in white. Details were added, of course, and liberties taken with this story that locals swear actually happened. The real Lydia never tried to kill her driver. She never climbed into his lap and kissed him passionately while trying to wrest his heart from his chest. Still, some of the details are accurate. 

Ghost Story Based on Truth

The locals will tell you the story is based on reality. There really was a speeding car that failed to make the corner, resulting in a spectacular crash that killed the driver instantly. Lydia, a passenger in the vehicle, was badly injured. She managed to make her way back to the road to flag down a passing vehicle for help. When no one stopped, she succumbed to her injuries and died on the roadside. To this day, many who’ve traveled that same road at night swear she’s still out there, searching for help.

Who Was Lydia of Lydia’s Bridge? 

Some say the Woman in White is Lydia. Other’s refer to her as Annie. Most historians who’ve done the research on the accident, rumored to have taken place in December of 1923, feel the woman’s name was Annie L. Jackson. Whether the “L” stands for Lydia is unknown. The woman who escaped from the car and later died on the roadside was 30 years old at the time of the tragedy. 

The Spookiest Part of Lydia’s Legend

While the whole legend is the stuff of campfire tales and nightmares, perhaps the worst part of the Lydia’s Bridge Legend is how it seems to end, over and over again. The driver takes Lydia to her destination and steps out to open the door for her. It’s at this point he discovers the backseat empty. But the tale doesn’t end here. 

The driver inquires at the house and is greeted by Lydia’s mother. She shows the good Samaritan a photograph which he recognizes as the woman who flagged him down. Lydia’s mother then drops her bombshell — the driver isn’t the first to bring Lydia home and surely won’t be the last.

Do You Believe the Legend of Lydia’s Bridge? 

Many a curious teen and rabid ghost hunter have staked out Lydia’s Bridge over the decades, and some swear they’ve seen her. You can find directions to Lydia’s Bridge on Mapquest. The old bridge is no longer in use, but it’s still visible through the trees for those brave enough to investigate. Do you have the courage to visit Lydia’s Bridge?