Cultural Misappropriation


Cultural misappropriation…what is it you ask?

Cultural misappropriation occurs when one culture (usually one with a history of persecuting other cultures) takes illegal possession of some features of another (usually a minority) culture. The acquisition or abuse of some other culture by the more prevailing culture is known as cultural misappropriation.

Here are a few examples of cultural misappropriation:

Intellectual property

Co-opting copyrights, cultural identities, cultural heritage, or artifacts from another’s culture (typically a marginalized or indigenous group) without their participation, agreement, credit, or remuneration is known as cultural misappropriation.


This might be as easy as stating that even a dance was influenced by rather than a depiction of a certain kind of dance.

Clothing and fashion

People’s cultures guarantee that fashion items and clothing fulfill certain purposes or ambitions. Design and fabric selection are also influenced by culture. Architects can, for instance, select and employ indigenous materials that are plentiful in a certain location. This will help to establish a strong sense of community.


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