Critical Race Theory


Critical race theory is an important and evolving concept that should be imparted in all public schools. One of the most important pillars of America is freedom, but unfortunately social equality is not one of those pillars. Although America had the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln gave his inspirational Gettysburg Address which spoke of a “new birth of freedom” for our country, that would bring equality and liberty to all. Yes, a reluctant liberty was given to the slaves, but equality was not.  Yet, over a 150 years later America still suffers from systemic racism and inequality. It’s time for a change in America.  White America must look at all the mistakes and injustices that was, and still are, being imposed on Black America. This could be achieved through critical race theory. This would be the first step in a long journey of ending discrimination and racism.

Our society never really lived up to the standards that was established by Lincoln when the Union defeated the Confederates. Teaching this theory in public schools would help show students how, when and where racism comes from. Having understood it better, students will have an improved comprehension on what needs to change to restore the nation and change the systems and institutions that still hold on to inequalities based on race.

Critical race theory would be the best way to build a better country. It would give the teacher and student a future that will be bright and rewarding, but most importunely, an understanding that all students are created equal. Then, Lincoln’s vision for a “new birth of freedom “will be satisfied.


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