Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs!


Pets can become our best friends and feel like furry offspring, but there is an age-old argument that divides the pet world: Do cats or dogs make better pets? There is an intense divide that has caused people to label themselves a “cat person” or “dog person.” People wrap parts of their identity about which pet they prefer. But, cats are clear winners when it comes to choosing a furry roommate. Here are just a few of the reasons why cats make better pets.

Cats Aren’t Clingy

Dogs are typically desperate for attention. Cute at first, but over time that constant desire to be right under your feet and sit in the middle of your lap gets old. The bigger the dog breed, the more they seem to think they are lap dogs. Cats are hot and cold. Sometimes they want pets and cuddles, other times they respect your space and expect you to do the same. They are highly independent and really only need you to clean out their litter box and provide them with food.

You can almost feel your cat silently laughing at you when they are nowhere to be found and you are calling. They know their name, but it’s a master level game of hide-and-seek. Until the food comes out, then all bets are off.

Cats Keep Away the Pests

Mice are the bane of homeowners everywhere. Chipmunks aren’t far down on that list either. Most cats keep the rodents at bay—certainly not something dogs are well known for. From the garage to the house, cats will help you eliminate any small critters that are trying to chew their way in or dig up your gardens.

Cats are Tidy

Have you ever bathed a dog? They incessantly shake at all the wrong times—spraying water everywhere and acting like idiots zooming around the house after they are released. And then, they smell like dog for hours. Cats self-groom. They keep everything clean. Even their waste goes into an easy box that coats it with scent-eliminating sand. Dogs dump anywhere and leave you to step in the piles you didn’t bag immediately. Not to mention the drooling and panting…

Cats Fit Witty People

When Hunch.com polled 200,000 people, they found dog people typically enjoy slapstick humor, while cat people appreciate ironic humor and puns. Dogs are the goofier animal, while cats are much more aloof. You aren’t going to see a cat chase its tail until it falls over in failure. Cats pounce and make calculated moves. They find humor in the small things and like to play a number of games—none of which include chasing a stick or bringing back a slobbery ball.

Sleek, smooth and clever, cats are clearly the better pet. They are beautiful animals and owned by insightful people. Cat lovers tend to be more open-minded, creative and non-conformist than dog people, according to a study from Live Science. And, surprise, surprise—the average cat person scored higher on intelligence than dog people.