The Undead…Vampires


To define what vampires are, they are ungodly imagined beings that wander mainly during the night, searching for human beings to feed on their blood. Interestingly, after feeding on the human’s blood, they end up killing them, and eventually, they turn into vampires too.

I tend to imagine that vampires are real; even if they do not exist now, we will see them come into existence in just a matter of time. In justification of vampires’ existence, there is an example of the blood disorder called porphyria. When one is exposed to sunlight, he or she ends up having horrible blisters on their skin. I believe this is linked to vampirism as we know that vampires do not get along with sunlight, and one of the ways used to stop porphyria is by taking in blood.

In our day-to-day activities, we see normal human beings in different communities drinking blood in the name of living healthy. For example, a lady named Michelle, 29 years old, has been addicted to drinking blood from 19 years old. She started with animal blood but later upgraded to drinking human blood as she watches movies, reading novels and other chores (UK, 2021). Unfortunately, it is a sign that vampires tend to exist. Thinking out loud, with the emergence of deadly virus-related diseases such as Ebola, Covid-19, I believe in the coming future that there may arise another fatal illness that will require us human beings to ingest blood from other human beings as a way to curb the spread and effects of the disease.

Another trait that supports the existence of vampires has vampire-like canine teeth. I do, and sometimes it gets to a point where I tend to question myself, am I a vampire or instead am I an evolving vampire? Only that I do not consume blood. Thinking of it from the perspective of God’s existence, we know and understand that God is not just any person but rather a person with a lot of power. The earth we are living in contains a lot of secrets and also is peculiar. Sometimes I ask myself, what “exist” don’t we know about if a god exists? We have vampire movies, movies of God and also Mermaid movies. To some point, this shows the existence of God. It also indicates the existence of Mermaids and most likely the existence of vampires too.

On the other hand, there are possibilities that vampires do not exist. Considering that vampires lack a specified lifespan and can only die when stubbed by an object like wood, it differs from the human being scenario where the lifespan is specified. Therefore, human beings tend to lack the vampire’s trait of an unlimited life expectancy. 

To sum up, it is evident that there is a possibility that vampires exist amongst the human millennium due to some human behaviors and traits such as canine teeth existence.