The Orange Blowhard, Disrespecting America’s Heroes, Has To Go.


There are very few people in this world who can truly be called heroes; however, one segment of the population who should always be looked at as heroes are the people who place their lives on the line to defend this country. Until the United States was founded, armies were created to spread religion, conquer land, or pursue some other kind of loot. The United States was the first country to form an army to free itself and others from oppression. To this day, the soldiers of the United States place their lives in harm’s way to free other countries from oppression while also defending their own citizens. Therefore, when Donald Trump calls Marines and other dead soldiers “losers” and “suckers,” this is one of the most disrespectful statements that anyone could possibly make.

Reports from The Atlantic and Other Reputable News Outlets

Donald Trump planned a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in Paris, where the French honor, respect, and revere American soldiers who fought to free and defend France during World War I. Specifically, that cemetery has more than 1,800 American Marines who gave their lives at the Battle of Belleau Wood, one of the bloodiest battles not only of World War I but in the history of armed combat.

Donald Trump did not want to visit that cemetery. His excuse was that the “helicopter couldn’t fly.” Then, it was said that “the Secret Service couldn’t drive him there.” The reality is that neither of those claims are true. According to The Atlantic, four people with firsthand knowledge of the situation have stated that Trump said: 

“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”

They’re suckers for what, getting killed? They went “over the top” REPEATEDLY to defend Western Europe against their German oppressors in the face of machine-gun fire in some of the bloodiest wars in history. How could Donald Trump possibly say that? How could he disrespect this nation’s military? Doesn’t he know the World War I generation is called “The Lost Generation” because so many young men gave their lives in, what was at that point, the bloodiest war in human history?

Donald Trump Denies It, But He Does Not Deserve the Benefits of the Doubt

Of course, Trump has denied this; however, his track record tells a different story. He has repeatedly made headlines for disparaging the late Senator John McCain. Regardless of how you feel about John McCain’s politics, he was, and still is, universally respected on both sides of the aisle. John McCain served in the Vietnam War. He was shot down and taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese and Vietcong. During his POW experience, he endured torture that was so severe that he could not raise his arms above his head.

So, how did Donald Trump feel about John McCain? How did he feel about someone who not only shares his political party but also served this country in the Vietnam War and endured something that most of us can only imagine in our nightmares? Here is what he said:

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

See? His orange face has spouted this vitriol before? So, when people are saying, “maybe The Atlantic got its sources wrong.” Or, “maybe their sources are lying,” the reality is that Donald Trump does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. With four people and multiple reputable news outlets all saying the same thing, it is clear that he said it. Furthermore, it is clear that he does not respect the nation’s military.

The Nation’s Top Generals Are Uniting Against Him

It is clear that the military knows how Donald Trump feels about them. The military, which has historically been apolitical because they need to serve the Commander in Chief, regardless of party, is now, for the first time, speaking up against Trump. When the military’s top generals are turning against Trump, that should say all anything needs to know. This disrespectful, narcissistic,  blowhard has to go. His disrespect knows no bounds and he needs to be voted out of office.



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