Ring doorbell footage


You decide.

This video was taken by a colleague of mine whose name is Koua Yang. He has been a business analyst at Charter Communications, aka Spectrum, for several years. During that time, I’ve worked alongside him on many different projects. Not once in all our experience working together have I had any occasion to question his integrity. So, based on the mutual trust we’ve developed through the years, I can attest to his complete credibility.

I mention all this because he is the source of this video. His credibility as the provider of the type of paranormal content in this video is completely authentic. So, with that said, I can unequivocally report that Koua is creditable, and the video provided here is entirely genuine.


On a certain night late last spring, Koua was working on his Ring doorbell app when the video inadvertently captured some very unusual. Pay attention and look toward the middle of the screen. Around the .21-second mark, you will see a ghostly aberration pop up, which then vanishes. If you slow the video down, you will see a white transparent image that lasts for more than a second,  then quickly dissipates.

What you’re about to watch might surprise a few of you.

So now that you’ve seen the video, you decide: Is the ghostly figure an aberration, or is it some sort of lightning bug?

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Video footage provided by Koua Yang