Donald Trump: Sending Signals To His Supporters and His Fellow Authoritarian Kin


Those who are familiar with the current orange-faced Oompa Loompa President who is currently the “leader” of this country knows that he doesn’t exactly try hard to conceal his love of dictators and white supremacists. At the same time, he doesn’t exactly overtly communicate with these groups. He is aware that talking to neo-Nazis and openly supporting them is not exactly popular among the vast majority of people in this country. Therefore, he tends to use non-verbal clues to get his point across to these groups. What are some of his signals and what do they mean? Is he trying to provide instructions to other people? Or, is he himself the puppet?

The Throat-Slash Gesture

At a recent press conference, our favorite hedonist President made what looked like a throat-slash gesture. It lasted less than a second and seemed relatively nonchalant. What could this mean? It was far too obvious to be a tic. The gesture could mean:

  • That he didn’t like the question and was trying to motion to someone to cut off the journalist
  • That he was signaling to his supporters that this was just another evidence of legitimate journalists not liking him
  • That he was trying to communicate with his pals, such as Putin and Kim Jong Un

While it isn’t exactly clear what this gesture means, Trump’s track record doesn’t exactly do him any favors. So, let’s take a closer look.

The “Wall” Gesture

One of the most common gestures that Trump makes during his rallies is something called the “wall” gesture. In this gesture, he positions both of his hands close together and then looks like he is pushing an imaginary wall. No, this is not the obese President trying to get some exercise. This is a signal that he uses when he talks to his supporters.

This gesture is simply a reminder of his two main policies. He is literally talking about the wall on the Mexican border and his effort to keep out immigrants who are not white. This is one of his most common signals.

“Proud Boys, Stand By”

Finally, it is impossible to ignore the verbal signal he gave to the now-famous white supremacist group, the Proud Boys. Just minutes after he made this statement during his press conference, social media channels were flooded by Proud Boys announcing that they had heard what the President had to say. Comments included, “standing by, sir” and other similar sentiments.

In the wake of the attempted kidnapping of the Michigan Governor, it is clear that more has to be done to condemn these armed groups of white supremacists. They should be labeled for what they are. They are not militias. They are domestic terrorists and they are among the biggest threats to our democracy today.

Even though it was reassuring to see that LGBTQ groups had hijacked the Proud Boys hashtag, this is not enough. Donald Trump is both discreetly and openly communicating with his supporters, including white supremacists, who he refuses to condemn. If anyone needed more information that our puppet, obese, bloviating excuse for a leader is a white supremacist, it is right here.



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