Dare I Leave Them Alone With The Man I Love…..

Dare I leave them alone with the man I love?

That is the question that has been swirling around in my brain. Do I leave my precious three children with the man I love?

Bryan and the kids.Scary how this looks like my husband and son. It better not be or there will be one scared husband who gets cereal for dinner.

My fear is not if he could handle our three wild and crazy kids. Instead, I saw visions of my three “angels” destroying his image of fatherhood. Bryan had plenty of practice in “salon time” with his daughters and several epic super hero fights with Revin Roger. He has always been there for all the major and minor events in their lives. I can count on him for no matter what comes into our lives. He is the go to man for homework problems and dinner reheats. These events have only been a few hours or days not an entire week. The boring mundane things happen while life stomps forward. Please, don’t get me wrong I completely trusted him just not the kids.

Kids are kids and their sole job in life is to push the limits of gravity, patience and sugar consumption. Everyone should have a great time with the man who is their father – but there is a limit. Plus, I want to join in all the fun. An entire week at home means: getting them on the bus half awake, homework done when they are sly about what is due, making healthy lunches, figuring out dinner they will willing eat and all the other activities that happen when he is not around. Throw in a pre-teen made up drama with preschool crocodile tears and the week can be very long. Remember Wild Regan and the bus? My three kids look cute but man they can drive a saint to drink or chocolate.

Let me back this up a minute. Soon, I will be off on a wonderful week of vacation in the Mexican Rivera. The thought of a day in the shade, cool beverage and no wining sounds wonderful. Add no cooking, cleaning and outside adventures sounds like the ideal recipe for fun. Before this bliss, things must get done – like ground rules for the week of vacation.

The freezer is packed full with plenty of precooked meals and snacks. Extra bread, cheese and meats for lunches. The house is some what clean and the laundry put away. Winter coats and gear are ready if the weather changes. Bryan’s calendar has appointment reminders for when they get off the bus, religion class and scheduled playdates. He knows where the restaurant take out menus are located. The teachers and neighbors have been warned. Kids have been threatened if they try any shenanigans. What could go wrong? Oh, plenty……. My phone does not work in Mexico and the internet prices are outrageous on the boat.

Have you left your kids alone with your husband for a week? If so, what happened?

Sharon, The Mayor


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  1. Aw, man I never left my kids with my husband for a week. I have for a few hours here and there, but never for a week and have to say I would be afraid of the mess I would come home to, such a dirty dishes, laundry and so much more!!

  2. Wow, how did it go? I don’t think my husband would like it if I left for a whole week! He can handle a weekend with the kids, though.

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