Critical Race Theory


Critical race theory (CRT) is an important and evolving concept that should be imparted in all public schools in the United States. While freedom is one of America’s most important pillars, social equality is not. When President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, he spoke of a “new birth of freedom” for the country that promised to bring liberty and equality to everyone. Certainly, freedom was granted reluctantly to enslaved Black Americans, but equality was not given. 

More than 150 years after Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, America still suffers from inequality and systemic racism. It’s time for that to change and White Americans have an urgent role to play. The first step is to acknowledge that Black Americans have not had the same advantages as White Americans. Secondly, White Americans have to acknowledge that injustices and disadvantages are still being imposed on Black Americans. Critical Race Theory would be an excellent first step towards the long journey of ending racism and discrimination. 

American society has never lived up to the standards that were established by Lincoln when the Union defeated the Confederates in the Civil War. Teaching Critical Race Theory in American schools would help future generations better comprehend how racism and oppression came about. This understanding is essential to change the institutions and systems that still have racial inequalities built into them. 

Teaching critical race theory can help both Black and White Americans build a better country, and can lead to a place where students of all races start on as equal a playing field as possible. Only then will Lincoln’s vision for a “new birth of freedom” be satisfied.