There is another new holiday to celebrate, National Mom’s Day Off. A fellow blogger is promoting December 26th as a day off for all moms to kick back and relax after a crazy Christmas season. The holiday is open to all moms: puppy, to-be or parenting a child. The there are a few guidelines that I have modified to fit my circumstances.


Mom gets the day off

National Mom’s Day Off

  1. Mom sleeps until she demes it is time to wake up. No children/adults or animals asking the mom to get up.
  2. No whining from anyone. That includes everyone who walks this earth – especially the crazies.
  3. All meals and snacks are leftovers. Want something else? There is plenty of cereal and milk.
  4. Naps for everyone. Look to rule number two for any complaints.
  5. The car does not move. Everyone is in lockdown mode for 24 hours.
  6. Everyone’s workload just increased for 24 hours. The mom will not clean, cook or plan activities for day.
  7. Every member of the household just received new gifts. That means everyone will quietly  be entertained with their new toys, book and gifts.
  8. The mom controls every remote. From the television, radio and game controls. No exceptions. Refer to rule number four for any violations.

You have been forewarned. Plan according.

Join me in celebrating National Mom’s Day Off.

Sharon, The Mayor