If you are like me, stress is the one thing that ruins everything. It disturbs sleep, makes one eat more/not eat, rapid heart beat and so much more. Plus, science can prove stress contributes to disease and shortens life expectancy – yikes. My goal in 2017 is not to eliminate stress, which is impossible. Instead my goal is to reduce needless stress.

If there was a three step or multi step program to reduce stress quickly, I would have done it years ago. This year, I actually have a plan to keep needless stress at bay.

Plan for 2017 reduce needless stress

Here is the plan.

  • Always do what is right – the first time.
  • Reduce clutter in the house
  • Reduce brain candy – checking the Internet/email throughout the day.
  • Remember somethings are beyond my control. Accept and move forward.
  • Engage in more physical activity to control emotions. Use workout time as a way to work though problems.
  • Slow down. Talk and walk slower before reacting.
  • Look for the humor in uncomfortable situations.
  • Spend more time with true friends.
  • Have an action plan for the day with measurable results.

This is my plan for 2017. Hopefully by July I will have made progress. If not, what is the worst that will happen? Stress? Ha.

What is your plan or goals for this new year?

Sharon, The Mayor