As the old saying goes, Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men. I would just settle for peace in Crazvyille. This week’s Spin Cycle writing prompt is on Peace.

Peace on Earth Kids

Peace on Earth Kids

My definition of peace is no fighting in all forms – weapons that are tangible and intangible. There is the perpetual fighting that involves weapons that hands can use. Not just the traditional guns and swords. In my world of Crazvyille, tangible weapons include forks and sibling’s unusued toys. Have you ever seen Captain America sailing through the air to hit someone’s head? My son was hell bend on getting his sister’s attention, the action figure lived up to his pretend flight abilities. A few hours later, his sister got revenge by poking his back-end with a fork. The other sibling who was not involved in the exchange proceeded to tattle so everyone knew the weapons of choice.

Intangible weapons are just as deadly and effective – words. The human voice has the ability to bring grown adults to tears and not just the intended victim. Case in point, Wild Regan decided she would embellish a tale on how her older sister failed to complete her daily chore. Wild Regan knew this would prevent Amazing Ann from getting her allowance and ultimately purchasing a new toy. Understandably, Amazing Ann was not happy and proceeded to tell all the wrongs of Wild Regan. After a long day of this along with other verbal jousting, it brought me to tears. Grown adults can cry over hurtful words.

My definition of peace is everyone getting along with tangible and intangible weapons left somewhere other than here.

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Sharon, The Mayor