How I became Mayor of Crazyville

It all started back in 2005.  

The Former Farmer (husband) and I decided to make it official so we got married. The entire package, 200 wedding guests, big church, white dress, color scheme and of course our family.  Little did I know, that was the start of something wonderful.  After the big party we went off to our honeymoon in – you guessed it Crazyville.  Actually Greece and Paris but Crazyville is more fitting.

On our trip Former Farmer tried to join a worker’s riot in Athens. Then in Paris he wanted to join the street riots of pension and workman’s rights cuts.  Needless to say, the local law enforcement stopped him or maybe it was the riot gear in Paris?

In 2006 Amazing Ann showed up, 3 years later Wild Regan and 2 years after that Revin’ Roger.  We no longer visited Crazyville but instead became permanent residents. No green cards needed.

So to keep my sanity, the blog is an outlet to the wild, weird things that enter our lives.  My pseudo name is Mayor because I keep everyone in line. Former Farmer has the non-elected title of Deputy Mayor and the kids are citizens with no voting rights.  Yes, it is a monarch but that is the way our government is set up for now.  Kids suffrage will end when they do chores or become productive members of Crazyville.

A bit about me.

I am old enough not to tell my age but young enough to believe the wrinkle creams really do work.  The kids are very young in my mind. They get older but we do not.

We live in a suburb of Chicago.  I commuted a number of years into the city but ultimately decided the burbs were for me.  I like to walk my feet in my own grass.  This suburb has it all: walk to shopping, walk to public transportation, lower property taxes, great park district, no nightlife (think anti-Wrigleyfield) and most importantly good schools.

My hobbies include:  arguing politics with my father, gardening, canning, beating up the treadmill, watching my kids play together and baking.  Cooking is a hobby when I am not pressured to make an important meal – say Easter dinner.

Drop a line, I would love to hear what you have to say – The Mayor



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