Hate Saying Goodbye

I like to believe I can move with the winds of change. Plans change at the last moment, that is ok. We can figure something out. Not happy but life is constant change. Then, that thought stops me dead in my tracts.

Today, I had to say goodbye to someone I have known for six years. Our kids went to school together. We had playdates and coffee time during school hours. She did not die or stopped taking my calls. Instead, we said goodbye as the moving truck pulled into her driveway. Their family is moving to another state to be closer to family. Simply put, I do not like this change.

Hate Saying Goodbye

Hate Saying Goodbye

I have said goodbye to several families over the past five years. They have moved due to job changes and changes to family dynamics. Some were for better lives others were to walk away from something that was not good. In the end, everyone moved with the hope their new home was better than what they were leaving.

That still leaves me waving goodbye to the moving van. Seeing the truck exhaust is not invigorating or encouraging. Granted we could say in touch through social media and phone calls but that is not the same.

On the flip side when they do come to visit, especially when they stay at our house, that is fun. In the end I still feel sadness when they return back to their new home.

It is not fun waving goodbye to another moving truck that holds more than furniture. I hear another friend in the neighborhood might move the summer. Ugg, I am starting to dislike goodbye AND moving trucks.

Have you had several friends move away?

Sharon, The Mayor

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